World as I know it

Why does it still hurt? You always wonder what’s the other person thinking and what he is doing and it just never stops. Even when you tell yourself, there’s nothing going on and you shouldn’t care. The world is too small and the technology today keeps you connected more than ever. You never could truly get rid of someone completely from your life. There’s always the unexpected. Bumping into each other at the mall, favorite store, theme parks, whatever. Even my dreams were invaded. The one place where I can count on being solely what I have created to make me dream of the craziness that I will never able to do. 

Just stop. Stop making such an impact on my life and my emotions. Can I think in peace now? 

Emotion Shenanigans

The human species are the most fickle out of all species in the world. Our intelligence and consciousness made us unique and yet caused such destruction among our world. Our emotions, our thoughts, and our morality made us what we are today. That’s also what separates males and females.

Females are made to be more sensitive, nurturing, caring and emotionally adapt to any type of situation. They are sympathetic, great at picking up visual and emotional queues of another person. They pay attention to the smallest details and perhaps their intuition is the most accurate.

I’m a emotional being, blame it on the hormones or whatever, but I am the way the I am. I’m a hopeless romantic. I’ve learned not to care or care more than I should. Picking up on emotional queues of another person is what I do best. I thought I could understand the opposite sex but their emotions are the most trivial. When you feel your gut wrench and when your heart almost felt like its going to explode, what else could you do but to let it all out and relieve those deepest emotions? It could be the happiest emotions that you ever felt or the shittiest. Either way, the relief of letting someone know sets you free. But of course there’s always some sort of a consequence afterwards, the good and the bad. We hope it’s always good. But that’s just wishful thinking. 

Lets start from the beginning…..???! 

Cuttest thing ever, totally photogenic. :D 

Cuttest thing ever, totally photogenic. :D